Saturday, February 19, 2011

COMEX gold, silver margins raised 50%

In another sign of desperation the COMEX has raised gold and silver futures trading margins by 50%.  The COMEX has raised gold and silver trading margins multiple times over the past several months.  The COMEX needs to understand, THEY CANNOT SUPPRESS THE PRICE!!  If you want to suppress the price talk to Helicopter Ben and other central banks around the world about stopping the currency war.  You cannot continue to create fiat paper out of thin air and expect people to believe that fiat paper stores value.  The big secret is central banks will not stop until the whole damn system blows up, they have no other options.

Precious metals are the cannery in the coal mine.  When metals soar, we know there is something seriously wrong in fiat paper.  We are on the verge of seeing something spectacular.  It may very well implode the COMEX in the process.  Buy physical while you still can.

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