Friday, February 18, 2011

Could This Be The Silver Short Squeeze We Have Been Waiting For?

How long have we been discussing the silver short squeeze?  Yesterday was a very important day that may have solidified the silver short squeeze.  Slicing through $31.23 on high volume may have been the catalyst which will send silver soaring.  If this is the short squeeze we have been patiently waiting for, it will not be a straight line up.  There will be dips and you need to take advantage of dips. 

Silver longs won a major battle yesterday, but we cannot declare victory on the war.  Bullion banks have enormous amounts of capital, and our system is filled with fraud and corruption at every level.  However, there is nothing the bullion banks can do about the demand for physical silver we are seeing.  Campaigns like Keiser's "Buy Silver Crash JP Morgan" have gone viral.  We are seeing large withdrawals from the COMEX, when the COMEX admittedly does not have silver to cover their contractual obligations.The scenario we may see if silver continues to rise, is an implosion of the COMEX sending silver much higher.  We do know there is explosive news on the horizon that according to Keiser "will send people to jail." 

This year is going to be wild.  The people informed will have opportunities, but things are accelerating, you must pay close attention.

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