Monday, February 14, 2011

Ted Butler:Silver Soon May Be The Rarest Rare Earth

Rare earth elements have been a hot topic recently.  China recently put export restrictions on these minerals sending prices much higher.  Some of these elements include names such cerium, yrttrium and praseodymium.  These minerals play very important role in our high-tech world. 

Top silver silver market analyst Ted Butler discusses how silver may soon be rarer than what we now consider rare earth metals.  Ted explains many of the rare earth elements are actually abundant in the earth's crust:"What makes them rare is that they are generally not concentrated in ore bodies offering economically feasible extraction."

Butler continues to explain why silver could be considered rarer than rare earth elements.  Here are few of his reasons.

  1. Both silver and rare earths are used in many industrial applications and difficult to substitute because of the chemical properties
  2. Typically both silver and rare earth elements must be used regardless of price.  If these elements sky rocket higher it will not discourage applications, as there is little to substitute the elements.
  3. Unlike rare earths, silver can be held in it's purest element form!!
Try and buy an ounce of yrttrium, not going to happen.  You can own rare earth stocks but you cannot own rare earths in their pure form.  This is the reason that makes silver rarer than rare earths.  When the world realizes the silver shortage is here, silver will skyrocket and you will hold this rare earth mineral in it's purest form. 
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